Only those things are beautiful which are inspired by madness and written by reason. Andre' Gide

Aili Vint: Here's how you can win back your powerful at childhood.I invited the top businessmen and -women to the creativity course and asked them to get ready to meet a very important person. They came, in suits and ties, but as soon as they took out the paints the elegant businessmen and -women, the Movers & Shakers of our business world, suddenly became real artists, childish and carefree spirits! They bravely stepped beyond their professional boundaries, time constraints and habits. Even the fear of not knowing how to paint.— Everything is possible!


Photos by artist Hermes Sarapuu

Aili Vint: Being in the moment – that’s where the miracle of creation starts! The freedom of spirit that we can lean from children. The essence of the carefree existence of a child is the easygoing and radiant happiness. It is when you suddenly realize that you do not know – and do not want to know anything about anything! Let me be! I am painting!

Olla hetkes, siit algab loomise ime.. Vaimuvabadus, mida lastelt õppida. Lapse õige, see vaba olemine avaldubki ju kergemeelsuses ja kiirgavas lõbususes; kui ühtäkki tajud muretust, seda lapseksolemise tunnet, et ei tea ja ei tahagi teada, mitte millestki, mitte midagi. Las ma olen!! — Mina maalin!!!



Environmental happening in Estonia


The Phosphorite War is the name given to a late 1980-ses in Northern Estonia, planned by the Moscow government. The movement, peaking in 1987, was successful in achieving its immediate goals, but is also regarded as a catalyst that led to the destabilization and dissolution of the Soviet regime in 1991

Aili Vint: It was a cold winter day when we heard that Soviet geologists and high government officials were holding a phosphorite-mining conference near the Keila-Joa falls. We were a group of artists, musicians, writers, and intellectuals and we decided to demonstrate our opposition to the Soviet Union's mining of phosphorite in Estonia by by creating some magic. We decided to unite fire and water at the falls! What right do they have to come and dig up our land! We'll show them how we feel! We bought all the candles we could and headed for Keila-Joa.

The falls were frozen into magnificent Ionian columns! We placed the lit candles into our footprints in the deep snow. As the footprints filled with pulsating light they looked like welcoming lamps in the twilight. It seemed as if they had a life of their own. We had enough candles for the frozen river under the falls, the top of the falls, and even the snowy banks. It was quite a sight in the gathering blue dusk! We stood in awe and deep silence. Suddenly the silence was broken when a Russian border-guard came and yelled at us demanding to know what we were doing. We answered: we are looking for the river! We decided to crash the final banquet of the conference and tell the Moscow officials (straight-faced) that they were under arrest and must come with us. We drove them to the falls

As we approached we could see the enchanting glow of all the candles reflected on the frozen falls.  One of the officials fell to his knees and kissed my hand saying he had never seen anything so beautiful created by people in nature! On the ride back to the conference we let them know why we were so opposed to the mining project. They said they understood but were only following the government's policies. But one of them whispered to me: your only hope is to keep opposing!

 So we kept opposing. And won.