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Hello, Dear Visitor! I am an artist Aili Vint from Estonia, Europe. I come from the middle of the last century (born in 1941), but still paint the Sea the old-fashioned way. Miles and miles of it, from the home shore to the horizon. But I'm doing digital collages right now.



I am the woman, who has hopelessly fallen in love the Sea

How does one paint a portrait of ones secret love? — As I start seeing the details that fascinate me in a given mood of the Sea, they are gone in the next moment.

AFTER THE RAIN 1982  oil on canvas 100 x 115 cm artist’s collection

AFTER THE RAIN 1982 oil on canvas 100 x 115 cm artist’s collection


Estonian Writer Jaan Kruusvall: The world that Aili Vint creates painting the Sea is fragile and elusive, easily vulnerable. Just like the rest of the world. Like the inner world of a person.

Aili Vint: Upon reviewing the work I've done throughout my lifetime, I had a new idea of recycling my sea paintings and gouache

paintings – of putting them together as large collages in a totally new awareness.

Through those images I tell the story of the sensuality of the Sea. If you look at the huge collages in the order they are placed

in my website, then you can see them, and “read” them, like a novel. A story that my pictures all together, jockeying with each

other, wish to present to you..

a true story about my picture: “Your picture saved my life, you know”

By Aili Vint, from The Seabook

One day, when I was painting stony and translucent water, I suddenly received shocking news that a young acquaintance of mine had taken her own life. While painting the picture, I remember wondering whether this profound angst I felt at the time would remain trapped in that picture.

Years later I received an answer. — A complete stranger came up to me, started scolding me for no longer painting the sea. Then she went on, searching for words: ”Your picture saved my life, you know…” She told me that she had wanted to end her life, to give herself to the sea. But a friend took her to the Kadriorg Art Museum to see one of my seascapes.

The painting had mesmerized her, calling her back again and again. It offered her unaccountable consolation, until it finally

calmed her down. This painting was The Stony Sea.

A true story. Your pictures saved my life, you know 2018 digital collage.jpg

“YOUR PICTURE SAVED MY LIFE, YOU KNOW” 2019 Digital collage recycled of original works by AILI VINT:

STONY SEA 1976  Oil on canvas, 92 x 115 cm, Kumu Art Museum  + 

MOMENT 1970  Gouache painting 75 x 63 cm  Kumu Art Museum, Estonia

The Sea

When contemplating the sensuousness of nature as expressed in the Sea's psyche, one can see the invisible connection

between nature and our senses.

Therefore, there is a subtle between my seascapes, my sensual abstracts, and depictions of the female form. Have you considered how similar the soul of the Sea and that of a Woman is?

The Sea has innumerable moods. Sometimes it’s a want on trickster, sometimes inhumanly cruel, sometimes just indifferent. This comes

naturally to the Sea. Its magnificent indifference is something one should learn from. 

The Sea just is! Even after the most ferocious storm it calms down. It’s gentle and tender again. Just like me! — I am the Sea!

The Sea is painting me.



… like silence after the storm

… and a new storm

… and it get’s quiet again  

S O U L O F T H E S E A 2019:

Digital collage recycled of original works by AILI VINT:

1. Silence after the storm

2. … and a new storm

3.. .. .and quiet again

This 3D digital collage could be designed on the whole room as large as the exhibition space allows, even on the ceiling and the



THE PRIMEVAL CALL OF THE SEA: The Sea smiles from far off ...

AILI VINT: S E A & M E — T H E P R I M E V A L C A L L O F T H E S E A * The sea smiles from far off ... 2018

Collage, what combined from Aili Vint’s original paintings: (1962–2018) This 3D collage could be designed as large as the exhibition space allows, even on the ceiling and the floor... 


A new reality

Here is a story about why I became an artist. — Because I promised!